Armed Forces Mission provides Donors, Volunteers, and Advocates the organization they require to eradicate suicide and transform lives. We provide direct intervention for individuals  within the Veteran and Law Enforcement Community and training for people from all walks of life.

Suicide takes more than 43,000 lives a year in the US. A disproportional amount of losses occurs in the veteran community. At AFM, our goal is the eradication of suicide in the communities we serve. Since 2012 we have conducted over 700 successful suicide interventions and trained nearly 8,500 others to do the same. Hope and resilience are being restored and veterans and others we work with are finding renewed strength to face the challenges of life. The AFM Listen Learn Lead curriculum and our Intervention Challenge Workshops offer a model that will save thousands of lives every year. ​

Intervention saves lives. We know this first hand, because our founder, Army Chaplain Kenneth Koon was one who experienced the power of intervention in his own life. It was only a few short years ago that his oldest son, MaCrae, a 19-year-old Airman boldly asked, “Dad are you thinking of suicide?” Until the age of 45 Ken had never once had a thought of suicide. However, after a series of traumatic events, the last which almost took the life of his third son, he was broken from the crushing thoughts that his son had been hurt on his watch; he felt responsible.

The moment MaCrae asked the question, Ken was filled with an overwhelming sense of hope. He was not alone; someone knew. A strong desire to overcome replaced the thoughts of darkness. It was a turning point for Ken that renewed the Chaplain and set him on a journey to save others just as he had been saved. MaCrae, had learned to ask the question because he had been trained in suicide intervention as an Airman. Training saves lives.

"​We invite you to join us in building strong warriors that build strong community! We invite you to stand with them!​"

At AFM, we know the solution to the epidemic of suicide is the training of compassionate community members. Therefore, we are building proven and replicable models of intervention and a caring network of thousands that are discovering their strength to courageously intervene for those at risk. The result will be a culture of positive community health where individuals find an authentic power to choose their purpose instead of their pain.
We envision a day when a child will ask his father, "Dad what was suicide?"

Board of Directors 
Chairman BG (Ret) Peter Madsen          President and CEO Chaplain Kenneth Koon
Vice-President Steve Powell           Treasurer Josh Bonner
Secretary Dr. Heather Burrell    
Community Relations Dennis Loewer
John Avery     David Barlow     Carl Hall    
Advisory Council
Chris Boehm     DJ Kennan     Doug Pyles     Terry Whitlock     Jackie Arnold     Adrien Neely     Brent Huckaby     Michael Hildreth          
Mike Powell     Steve Farish     Tim Klob     Wendy Farmer     Doug Brantley     Rick Barnes     Terry Grant     MaCrae Koon