Communities We Serve

We will go where we can, do all we can, and train all we
can to eradicate suicide in the communities we serve
​By invitation we provide one and two-day intervention training workshops for  communities throughout the nation. Our clients include schools, military, law enforcement, fire departments, civic groups, hospitals, faith groups and other organizations. As of July 2017, we have trained more than 7800 individuals. 

On a local level we provide intervention training as well as direct intervention of at risk individuals within the Southern Crescent of Atlanta, Georgia for the counties of Carroll, Coweta, Fayette, Henry, and Pike.  Contact us today to schedule your next community training!

Law Enforcement Community
Of the most recent 205 law enforcement and Fire/EMS trained within a dozen agencies in seven cities, 95% had never had any training in suicide intervention during their career. 

The training  was great! Instructors were knowledgeable and personable. Recommend all law enforcement officers take this training. Fantastic job. Lt Josh Duke Henry County Police

Faith Community
It has been an honor to host the​ INTERVENE CHALLENGE for the past four years. This workshop provides the necessary tools to “stand in the gap” in helping others consider life. I highly recommend this workshop for pastors, lay leaders, and anyone who serves as a caregiver in the life of the local church.
​Dr. Jim Thomas, Pastor Fayetteville First Baptist Church

Civic Groups/ Schools/ Non-profit Organizations
AFM has built a solid reputation of quality training serving various organizations throughout the nation.  Such organizations have an incredible opportunity to build cultures of health within their communities. 

​Contact us today to discuss training in your community!

What others are saying...

Rich and I have had friends discuss with us about how stressed and overwhelmed they are feeling about their lives. Other than being a good listener, we really weren't sure how to respond. After attending AFM's Suicide Intervention Training, we now feel empowered to do the right thing and ask the hard question, "Are you feeling suicidal?" That question does not put the thought in their head. That question shows that you truly care and understand that they're going through a rough time and you're there to help them get through it. We've all had good days, bad days, and times we're feeling hopeless. Step up for your friends during their time, and help carry them back to safety and security. Step up and be a good friend.
Rich and Angela Winiarski
Peachtree City Police Auxiliary Officers

Thank you for bringing the ASIST (Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training) Class to Henry County.  I have been in the EMS world for over 25 years now and this is one of the ONLY classes that takes a pro active stance.  I have worked in many fields: Trauma Hospitals, Fire Departments, and SWAT Medic for the Police Department.  Most classes and training will stem from a tragedy (i.e. - knee jerk reactions, tombstone communities where someone has to die before something changes, etc.).  This class however is a pro active class and although nobody wants to talk about this topic, it is something we all need to hear and acknowledge.  I wasn't sure what I was going to get out of this class, but I wanted to go in with an open mind.  This class has given me yet another tool for the tool belt.  Unfortunately, in our line of work, you will come across this one way or another, and I am very thankful to have taken this class.  I highly recommend this class to EVERYONE! Suicide does not discriminate against age, ranks, professions, etc.  It's time for people to open their eyes and take a pro active step together.  I hope this class was just the pebble that ripples across the pond and brings more attention to this epidemic.  Thanks again for all your input and caring!  You guys were awesome! 
Lt. David Blount
Henry County Fire Department
Lieutenant Firefighter Paramedic and SWAT Medic

"You have let God use you to help our family and friends through the hardest time imaginable with the utmost respect and gentleness. God bless you!" 
​Dena Anderson

"The AFM Challenge has given me a voice to help end the epidemic of suicide - one person at a time." 
Rebecca Gray, retired educator who lost son to suicide

“Excellent workshop! After 40 years in the counseling field, it is rare I say that.” Marilyn Roberts, LPC

"One of the most intense (in a very emotional and moving way) environments that I have experienced in a long time.” 
Scott Gilbert, Fayetteville, GA

"Rare people who really know how to connect with people… high level of compassion and caring for others. I am grateful to work with such kind and compassionate professionals."  
Dr. Paul Wade, Suicide Prevention Program Manager, 99th RSC

"A heart for soldiers that extends beyond the Soldiers…” 
COL John W. Aarsen, USAR

"A voice for the needs of soldiers in the civilian community." 
Chaplain (LTC) Tim Bonner, USAR

“A high quality of performance…articulate, caring and sensitive…most commendable." COL. TRACY L. DAWKINS, USAR

"This world is a better place for having compassionate champions like AFM. Their commitment, tenacity and support helps build the necessary networks so that we as a community can work together to reduce our losses. As far as AFM is concerned every day is World Suicide Prevention Day. For your work and efforts my friend I shout a resounding HOOAH!!!"
Sofia Wadman, Wales UK

"The trainers were great! The interaction and simulations really helped drive the training tools home. There was something for every learning style. I am excited about using this knowledge and training to help our community be a safer place!" Stephanie Summers, Exec Director Women's Crisis Center

​Comments from a workshop at Ft Lee (names withheld per DOD)
"Very GOOD...definitely builds confidence that I might be able to help someone contemplating suicide. Before the class I would have "ran away" and told someone else to help."

"This workshop was very helpful and very encouraging. I'm much more confident that I am prepared to reach out to a person who is at risk. Both instructors were well prepared and effective teachers. THANKS!"

"I have learned so much!! I will now be aware of the flags that go up all around me. GREAT WORKSHOP!!!"

"Instructors were well prepared and made the workshop meaningful and helpful. Now I feel capable of making a difference and rendering aid to someone in need. Thank you for the opportunity."

"Armed Forces Mission is a great community partner to the Peachtree City Police Department. We have been able to send several officers to the “I will Intervene” workshops where they have gained skills needed to assist people in crisis in our community. The skills learned through the workshops supplements what officers learn through the Crisis Intervention Training (CIT). Because of the efforts of AFM our officers are better equipped to recognize and respond to someone that is considering suicide." Sgt. Brian Eden, Community Outreach Coordinator/ SRT Peachtree City Police Department

​“I've been praising the program to everyone that I see. I've been to lots of training, conferences, seminars, etc., but this is, by far, one of the best that I've seen, of any type! Very well researched and presented. Instructors were very skilled, compassionate, knowledgeable, and humble presenters. I was soaking in everything, knowing (as Ken said) that the program "called" me.”
Deb Troxtel

“This class was very beneficial to me as a Stephen Minister Leader. Both Michael and Ken were very knowledgeable on the subject and their presentation was well done.” Dennis Palmer

“I am the mom of a preteen and usually have a houseful of preteen boys. I also volunteer at the school level. I feel more confident in my ability to identify and intervene in case of suicidal behavior with these children.” Kim Brinkley

“The workshop is a most practical hands on experience that instills confidence to helpers for identifying the potential of a suicidal notion as well as asserting themselves during the actual event. The workshop provides a proven suicide intervention model that identifies a series of steps to follow for taking quick action and following through with a life-saving plan.” Wayne Monson, EdD

“Best workshop I have been to in a long time. Ken and staff used an everyday people approach for a difficult topic. I learned how to just "ask the question". What a rewarding conference.”
Georgiana Bagley, LPC

“An extraordinary way of reaching people… overwhelmingly touched. ..already planning the next event!”
MAJ Connie Gonzales, Suicide Prevention Officer USAR

​"It is not hyperbole when I say that it was the most impactful professional learning I have encountered in my 20 year career. I left the training a different person, equipped with the skills to save a life. I recommend this training, to everyone. Pike County Public Schools looks forward to an on-going partnership as we prepare more educators to accept the I Will Intervene Challenge." 
Michael Duncan, Ed.D, Superintendent Pike County Schools

Two weeks after attending the I WILL INTERVENE CHALLENGE we received the following email: "On the phone at this moment with a woman who initially said she was looking for a grief support group. She found the number of our Survivors of Suicide through an internet search. As she was speaking she became barely intelligible. Ken, I recognized the signs because of the training from the workshop. She is in immediate crisis right now. In exploring the risk I have discovered that she attempted last Friday and is contemplating the possibility again. We are doing a three way with the Georgia Crisis Line. They are dispatching a Crisis Response Team to her location as we keep her on the line..." 
​Lynn Bradley, Newnan, GA