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AFM Volunteers

Individuals volunteer with AFM for a variety of reasons. Whether it's spouses and parents of deployed or fallen service members supporting one another, veterans connecting with  other veterans, or civilian community members wanting to show their support for America's troops and veterans; we're glad you are here.  

Many  times individuals contact us or enroll in AFM workshops because they have experienced loss by suicide. They are searching for a way to make a difference. AFM is a place where they can find healing and an outlet for helping others. Workshops are open to individuals from all walks of life, both civilian and veteran. Just as one would learn the skills of CPR so suicide intervention is a skill that anyone could learn. Those trained help strengthen the community for all people as:

  • ​LOSS Team members  
  • Workshop facilitators
  • ​Faith Community Liaisons 

"The Challenge has given me a voice to help end the epidemic of suicide - one person at a time." Rebecca Gray, retired educator who lost son to suicide   what others say

AFM FAMILY!  While our mission is the reduction of suicide, we also recognize that those on the frontline in any battle need some down time. Even the strongest need some R&R; its not humanly possible for caregivers to be engaged in the battle 24/7. For this reason, we offer several fun events throughout the year for volunteers to engage in.  To learn more about Volunteer Opportunities contact our Community Relations Director, Dennis Loewer. 

Dennis works diligently as AFM's Community Relations and Events Coordinator. He is a US Navy Submarine veteran who has a BA in Journalism from Xavier University. Throughout his career, Dennis has served as a national trainer for a federal agency along with working at various radio stations across the country. Contact Dennis

Building Resilience through FUN and SERVICE   ~ AFM Volunteers Making a Difference

Fun Gatherings with Veteran Family

National Day Out

Lee Greenwood Concert Sept 11, 2016

The Courageous Challenge takes the effort of many community volunteers working together. The 2016 Challenge was a huge success. The 2017 Challenge will take place the last Saturday in August!